Positive Futures

With Autism
Education – Understanding – Inclusion

Autism Consultant

Navigating the world of autism can be daunting for those with a diagnosis, their family and sometimes the community around them. Often people want to help, but do not fully understanding the condition and may exacerbate the situation.


Education on autism will increase Understanding which will ultimately lead to better Inclusion

The more people know about autism the easier it will be for all our children to be accepted in the wider world.

Autism is a neurological condition that manifests as difficulties with social communication, sensory needs/overload and a lack of flexibility in thought and behaviour.  This can cause them to withdraw into a world of their own and suffer with heightened levels of anxiety.

Under the DSM V, the latest diagnostic tool, there is only one diagnostic label “autism”, but with 3 levels of severity.

I work with parents, extended family members and autistic adolescents themselves.

I work with schools who may like to purchase our services to support their pupils with or suspected autism, their parents, or provide training to staff. 

I work with the community to spread the word regarding the needs of people with autism through talks and training.

Education – Understanding – Inclusion