About Me

Sally O’Hare

I started Positive Futures with Autism as I am passionate about communities understanding autism, which will then lead to easier inclusion.

My academic qualifications include a Certificate of Education 1977, Master’s Degree in Inclusive Education 2008, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Language and Communication Impairment in Children 2010.

I am also trained in the National Autistic Society parent programmes, Earlybird Plus and Healthy Minds.

I have over 30 years’ experience in teaching which includes extensive experience as a SENCo in a large primary school.  For the last 12 years I have worked as an Advisory Teacher with Gloucestershire County Council working with children with communication and interaction needs.  I have supported children and young people from 2 – 19. In 2018 I was part of the IMPACT team that was presented with an award from the National Autistic Society.

I have been responsible for writing and presenting parent courses to help parents to understand their child with autism and support them. This includes young children and the 9+ course which covers adolescence.

I have a large blended family of children, step-children and grandchildren. I also love to travel and my hobbies include anything creative.


What Our Families are Saying

Sally has really supported me in understanding my 12-year-old autistic son and why he is finding life so difficult now he is approaching teenage. It has reduced my anxiety and enabled me to support him much more effectively. - AS. Parent 

Contact me


Alternatively you can email me direct at positive.autism@consultant.com

If you provide your phone number and a brief description of how I can help I will contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you

Common Q&As

1. Can grandparents or other family members join in on the 'How do I support my autistic child sessions?

Certainly, the more family members that understand your child’s autism the better. It is easier if young children are not present at the sessions however.

2. We run a small business that works with children in schools. What training could you provide for us?

Our one-hour Introduction to autism would be the most suitable for you. (£75) However if there is a need for more in depth training, you could request one of our in-depth bespoke packages and possibly join up with the school.

3. Why has my lovely autistic son become so rude and grumpy now he is in secondary school?

Children and young people with autism have difficulties in the area of social communication. As they get older the gap between them and their peers often becomes more noticeable. Feeling anxious and different in addition to the usual problems of teenage, can make adolescence a particularly hard time for young people with autism. Our Adolescent session can help your teenager understand their difficulties and they can be provided with some problem-solving material from the session. Parents can understand what their teenage child is going through by purchasing one of our How do I support my child with autism sessions and ask for the focus to be on adolescence.