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I offer 4 different services but please contact me if you require something bespoke.

Could my child be autistic?

Only a paediatrician or psychiatrist can diagnose autism, but I can support with providing information if you choose to pursue a diagnosis with a medical professional. If this is required, I’ll use the Children’s Communication Checklist CCC2 , published by Pearson, which should ideally be completed by parents and someone who knows the child in a different environment e.g. school.  Please note your child must be able to speak in sentences to undergo this assessment.

I offer two packages:


You are provided with two copies of the Children’s Communication Checklist (CCC2) assessment, which I then score and report the results to you by phone. I then send a summary report of the findings. This package is useful if you would just like to assess whether it is likely that your child could be autistic. The summary report can be used to support your request for a referral to a paediatrician through your GP.

Please note the child needs to be able to speak in whole sentences and be aged 5 – 16:11.

Price: £30

Please see the Enhanced Package

  As Package 1, plus observation of the child /young person at home/school (with permission). Discussion with parents and the child usually separately. Discussion with school if appropriate.  I then complete a full report with assessment data and information from observations and discussions. This can then be provided for a medical assessment or for information to better support the child or young person at home or in school. 

Price: £350 within a 30 mile radius of Cheltenham.

(Please contact for prices in other areas.) 


How do I support my autistic child?

 Parent Child Program

The Parent Program offers a personalised approach in your own home, in my home in Cheltenham, by arrangement in school, or by  Zoom if you prefer or live further than a 30-mile radius of Cheltenham.  I will provide information about autism; we will identify specific difficulties that your child may have and we can problem-solve ways of overcoming them using practical strategies tailor-made to your family.  I have 15  years experience of in using this approach with parents and received excellent feedback.  Price £70. The session approximately 2 hours.



How do I support my autistic adolescent?

Adolescence is usually quite difficult for a young person with autism and it is often a time when they find it difficult to engage with their parents. I have 8 years experience of using this approach with teenagers and usually, it has helped them to better understand themselves and their autism and provides them with strategies or approaches they can try.

Parent Adolescence Program 

This program is designed for parents of children diagnosed with autism or suspected autism. It offers an introduction to autism and examines the specific challenges their child may face. The program addresses common issues encountered by children with autism, such as transitioning to secondary school, the onset of puberty, and navigating friendships and peer pressure. Together, we will identify particular difficulties and develop a variety of strategies to address them through collaborative problem-solving. 

Price: £70. The session is approximately 2 hours.

I can offer this personalised approach to the young person in their own home (dependent on location), my home in Cheltenham, or by Zoom if preferred.



Talks and training

 I feel strongly that the more people understand autism in the community, then the easier it is for children and young people with autism to feel included. Please note my experience is with children and young people in mainstream schools and this tends to be the focus of my talks and training.

“Education – Understanding – Inclusion”

 I, therefore, provide a range of talks and training:

1. A 45-minute introductory talk to community groups and organisations. I have many anecdotes from my experience, so it will not be a deeply theoretical talk.  Travel  within a 25-mile radius of Cheltenham included.  Price: Autism Talk £30

2. A more detailed 90-minute training session with a hand-out can be provided suitable for schools, groups, and small businesses or organisations wishing to enhance their awareness of autism.  Some strategies will be covered, but these will not be  detailed (see 3 below). There will be an opportunity to ask questions. Travel  within a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham included. Price: Introduction to Autism  £75

3.  As 2. above,  but includes strategies for supporting children and young people with autism.  Opportunity to ask questions and some specific problem-solving.  A handout covering the strategies will be included.  2.5 – 3 hours.  Travel  within a 25-mile radius of Cheltenham included. Price:  £150

4.  I  can also provide bespoke packages to meet your business or organisation’s needs, including strategies, ideas, and specific problem-solving. This can be provided through a bespoke content and activity package. Please contact me with your specific needs.

Please note if you feel my qualifications and experience could be of use to you in other ways than as described above, please do contact me.  

What Our Families are Saying

Sally has really supported me in understanding my 12-year-old autistic son and why he is finding life so difficult now he is approaching teenage. It has reduced my anxiety and enabled me to support him much more effectively. - AS. Parent 

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Common Q&As

1. Can grandparents or other family members join in on the 'How do I support my autistic child sessions?

Certainly, the more family members that understand your child’s autism the better. It is easier if young children are not present at the sessions however.

2. We run a small business that works with children in schools. What training could you provide for us?

Our one-hour Introduction to autism would be the most suitable for you. (£75) However if there is a need for more in depth training, you could request one of our in-depth bespoke packages and possibly join up with the school.

3. Why has my lovely autistic son become so rude and grumpy now he is in secondary school?

Children and young people with autism have difficulties in the area of social communication. As they get older the gap between them and their peers often becomes more noticeable. Feeling anxious and different in addition to the usual problems of teenage, can make adolescence a particularly hard time for young people with autism. Our Adolescent session can help your teenager understand their difficulties and they can be provided with some problem-solving material from the session. Parents can understand what their teenage child is going through by purchasing one of our How do I support my child with autism sessions and ask for the focus to be on adolescence.